JB Exchange Hub

During this difficult time we have been very lucky to receive lots of offers of donations.  We have been considering how we can make use of these for the JB community in the current climate.  Therefore, we are opening the ‘JB Exchange hub’.  This is a contact-less hub where people can leave donations of food, provisions, toys, games and high quality clothes whilst on their daily exercise.  We will then check these donations and set them out in the ‘JB Exchange Hub’ for people to come past on their daily exercise to borrow/take something from the hub. The hub will be placed in the atrium of the school, which means you press the buzzer on the main gate, we can let you into the atrium where you can donate or select and then leave. The hub will also have some of the schools reading books (both staged and free choice)  to borrow and return.

Please only use this service if it is part of one of your allowed trips.  If you are not able to visit the ‘JB Exchange Hub’ but would like to utilise the service, please contact a staff member that you feel most comfortable contacting, and we will make arrangements for you to still access the service.

We currently require donations of:
Shower gel Deodorant Tea/Coffee
Tinned goods Pasta Clothes which are still in good condition
Hand soap Sugar and sweet treats Rice
Toys/games which are still in good condition

Donations can be dropped off to John Ball between 9:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-2:30pm


Virgin Money Giving

In addition to being able to support the JB community during this period, The Friends of John Ball have also set up a monetary donation page.  As you know, school budgets have been over stretched for a long time and JB has always relied on the funds raised by the Friends.  The Summer term is always full of strong fundraising activities with Heath for Health raising up to £3,000 for the school and up to £4,500 for local charities, the Summer Fair raising up to £7,000. In addition to this, today was going to be the first JB to Amsterdam Cycle ride where we were hoping to raise a large amount of money, but sadly, this will not be happening.  The loss of all this income impacts on our ability to directly support our community.

Currently, we are looking at a number of ways to support our families including providing some hardware to access learning for some families that are not currently able to engage in the learning set, some learning and play resources for families and additional care packages. We will also be providing therapy and bereavement support to our community where needed.  If you, or anyone that you would know would be able to donate an amount of money to help us help our community, we would be incredibly grateful.  virginmoneygiving.com/fund/johnballcovid