Forest School

At John Ball School we are lucky to have a wood on site that allows us to offer Forest School to a range of our pupils.

Forest School for Nursery started Wednesday 15th January and will run until half term.

Morning Class had a great time climbing trees, swinging from branches and exploring the space! Afternoon Class liked bug hunting and moving logs as well! Here is a link to a slide show of the fun they have had!

Friday 25th October – Reception Green Class were excited to find huge ‘bugs’ which were still in a larva stage. Our first thought was that they were very large Cutworms or a form of caterpillar… and then we found even LARGER ones! A little investigation back in the classroom proved them to be Stag Beetle Larvae. We think they are most likely to be Lesser Stag Beetles – which we have found in the woods this year – but could possibly be the Greater Stag Beetle. Both are rare and protected species so we are very excited! We hoped to have photos to share but our webpage isn’t co-operating! But for anyone who saw them, is interested or wants to know more, follow this link to download a pdf!

Reception Classes started Forest School at the end of September.303479_10150712674374072_161676883_n

Purple Class have had great fun with Forest School Leader Tracy Luderman on Thursdays (see the Photo Gallery!) and have brought their learned skills to the EYU Adventure Bank! Green Class have one last Friday with F.Sch. L. Jo Hinson after Half Term (Nov 8) to make up for the session they missed due to staff illness. They have also had a lot of fun and brought their new-found knowledge back to the outdoor learning spaces at the EYU.

NEXT half term will be Year 1 classes opportunity to build on their own Forest School experiences gained in Reception last year. Dates and times will be going out to Parents/Carers soon.

We would like to thank all those who have volunteered to come and have fun in the forest and remind anyone who just wants to come along for just a single session to see what we do, that they are welcome and need to speak to either Tracy or Jo – we really couldn’t run Forest School without your support!

Forest School will take place come rain or shine! Last year the woods under snow were a kind of fairytale wonderland so heat and cold won’t stop use either! PLEASE remember this when dressing your child for Forest School and if you are helping, please bear it in mind when getting yourself ready for a couple of hours in the woods too!

578125_10150712675889072_2003500119_nSo far the children have enjoyed exploring the woods, climbing trees, swinging from branches and listening to the birds! Please take a look at the Gallery of Photos to see what we get up to! There has been plenty of laughing, discovering, hot chocolate and the occasional biscuit! We’ve found feathers, pine cones, stones, some huge slugs, leaf skeletons and a deep, dark hole belonging to… we don’t know who! We’ve learned that nettles sting, prickles scratch and sword fighting with sticks may get splinters in your knuckles! There aren’t too many rules but we’re learning them slowly and steadily and looking forward to further adventures amongst the trees.

There’s much more information about Forest School below our photos of fun at Forest School (and available elsewhere on the internet) so please have a browse and see what the children will be doing and why!