John Ball are delighted to announce that they will be working alongside PiXL Primary to deliver a programme called ‘The Primary Edge’.

The Primary Edge Logo

The classes will be learning about members of the fictional LORIC family to develop themselves as both learners and people:

Laura Leadership

Laura Leadership:

  • How can I be a successful leader?
  • Can I lead an event in my classroom?
  • Can I lead an event in the playground?

Olly Organisation

Olly Organisation:

  • How can I be organised for school?
  • How can I help other people develop organisational skills?
  • Can I organise an event for other pupils?

Raj Resilience (1)

Raj Resilience:

  • Can I learn a new skill?
  • Can I attend an after school club for a long period of time?
  • Can I develop an academic area which I find tricky?

Izzy Initiative

Izzy Initiative:

  • Can I see problem and solve it?
  • Can I help my teacher without being asked?
  • Can I identify a skill which requires development and independently try to enhance it?

Charlie Communication

Charlie Communication:

  • Can I clearly articulate my ideas and thoughts?
  • Can I communicate complex ideas to an audience of adults and teachers?

If you have any questions about this scheme of work, please contact Mr Mitchell on