What they say about us

“Fantastic school. Highly progressive. I have two children at the school and have been a very happy parent for 4 years. Teachers are brilliant and highly engaged as well as deeply interested in the children’s learning and achievement. The parent support network is also great, and lots of parents volunteer to run events through the year to raise funds for the school. This means that there is plenty to spend on things the school would otherwise not be able to afford given the continuing budget cuts from the DoE.”  

Y4 Parent on Google Review – 2018

We were recently visited by Challenge Partners who spent two days with teachers, children and other members of staff. Below you will find documents detailing their findings and some very favourable quotes from Challenge Partners, Staff, and Parents alike.

John Ball Challenge Partners Review Report

Leaders have created a highly positive ethos which permeates the school. The high expectations and collaborative and supportive ethos are shared by everyone. The whole team approach has enabled leaders to bring staff with them and maintain excellent relationships, which are a key strength of the school.”

“Pupils speak passionately and extensively about the benefits of attending the school. This includes the positive experiences that the school provides for them. They are incredibly proud to belong to the school, can articulate this clearly and share the impact this has on their personal development and future.”

“There is a very high level of achievement across the school, which is underpinned by excellent teaching and learning relationships between pupils and staff and calm, purposeful, well-organised, immersive learning environments.”

“There is an excellent pace to teaching and learning, with high expectations and levels of challenge for all pupils. Due to these qualities, pupils are highly engaged.”

Challenge Partners Review 2018


During the 2014 Summer term the school was visited by an assessor from the Inclusion Quality Mark team. They carried out a full review of all aspects of our inclusion provision and we are delighted to say that not only were we awarded the Quality Mark, but following on from this in December 2015 we have now been designated as an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence.

Read the report below to get a full flavour of what the IQM assessor thought!

John Ball Primary School Review – Dec 2016

John Ball Primary School COE Report – Dec 2015



Overall achievement is currently good, however the school is moving ever closer to the boundary between good and outstanding. Predictions for the 2013 cohort are high and if realised will represent the best set of results for the last six years.

Challenge Partners Review
March 2013

The quality of teaching seen during the review was outstanding overall. The school’s own monitoring would also demonstrate many examples of outstanding teaching. Teachers’ passion for their subject shines through and pupils are fully engaged as a result. Teaching is lively, interesting and often inspirational.

Challenge Partners Review
March 2013

The Headteacher and his leadership team have been spectacularly successful at galvanising commitment to school improvement. Staff appreciate the way leaders practise what they preach and the vision for the future of the school and its drive for excellence is clearly evident. The exceptional leadership and management of teaching and learning are clearly paying dividends.

Challenge Partners Review
March 2013

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to say thank you to you, Julia, Amanda, Jacqui and all your staff, children
and governors I met for a very enjoyable opportunity to spend two days in your amazing school in the review last week.
It was a real privilege and one I will always treasure. As a class teacher and deputy it was such a rewarding experience to see the children having such fun in their learning and the teachers so enthusiastic. The classroom environments were amazing! You must all be so proud of yourselves.
I hope we can work together as Challenge Partner schools and I look forward to meeting again.

Comment form Deputy Head involved in Challenge Partners Review
March 2013

Hi Michael,
Congratulations to you and the team for a great review!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am very excited about being part of your dynamic team! I’m also very happy that the role is very focused on teaching and learning and quality first teaching.

Jacqui Noakes, Inclusion Manager during Challenge Partners Review
March 2013

I have spoken to friends with children in other local schools who have not had anything like the feedback and information that we received at our PTI and were impressed to hear about the transparency offered by JB. It can be difficult to appreciate what you’re getting without a point of comparison and I believe parents, children and staff will all benefit hugely from the transparency offered by JB. Education is a partnership after all!

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

My daughter likes all the teachers. They are helpful when she struggles to understand. She feels she is making good progress because her teacher & TA make everything clear and encourage independent learning.

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

Fantastic and very supportive staff and a wonderfully inclusive school.

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

My child’s confidence, independence and social silks have flourished. A wonderfully inclusive school too. The positive attitude of the staff at John Ball towards my child has really filtered down through parents and pupils across the school. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

I feel there is an excellent mix of children from all sorts of background who are well integrated and engaged in school activity. My children love to go to school and consider almost all children in their classes to be their friends.

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

Mr Roach is very passionate about John Ball’s progress and strives for continuous improvement in all areas.

Parent comment, Questionnaire Feb 2013

Fantastic staff – so happy. Pleasure to come to work. Leadership team are so approachable and human too.

Staff comments, Questionnaire Feb 2013

Hi Mr Roach
I just wanted to say I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. I also wanted to say how happy and grateful we are that our children are at such a brilliant school.
They are both so happy and doing so well. They have received amazing support and care from all their teaching staff. We couldn’t have asked for more! You have wonderful staff at your school. So a massive thank you to you as well.

Parent Email, December 2012

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert tonight at Blackheath Halls, the John Ball choir was quite amazing. It’s great that the school is involved in community activities which then provide fantastic opportunities for the children.

Parent email December 2012

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to let you know that we are now set on the leaving date. We will miss John Ball and people who make it so special. Both of our children have enjoyed their time in John Ball and have been extremely fortunate to have such great teachers and staff to help them to become the personalities they are.
Thank you very much for all the hard work you all put in every day.

Parent email December 2012

Hi Michael
I just wanted to say thank you again for giving my daughter the opportunity of singing in the Bugsy Malone production which was terrific and all the children must have done you proud I am sure! My association with John Ball runs for eleven years so tomorrow will be a very sad day for us as a family – saying farewell to the school and teachers will be upsetting that’s for sure! Thanks for all you have done for the school and the pupils since you arrived and your enthusiasm and appreciation for all they do is well noted. It will be strange to pass through Blackheath on the train and not to imagine one of those happy voices in the playground does not belong to one of my children but I thank my lucky stars that they went to such a terrific Primary school that has done them and me proud!
I do wish you every success in the future Michael and to your wonderful staff and co-workers that make it possible.
Many thanks and all the very best!

Parent email July 2012

JB Parent questionnaire Summer 2017 RESULTS

John Ball March 2017 Challenge Partners Report

JB Parent questionnaire Summer 2016 RESULTS

John Ball Review Report 2015-16 (1)

John Ball Review Report 2014-15QA (1)