John Ball was designated as a National Support School in December 2016. As one of the highest performing schools in the country, with an established and successful team in place, we have great capacity to share our expertise and support other schools.

Michael Roach, our Head teacher, is a National Leader of Education and the school is a National Support School. As such we can support other schools in a variety of contexts, including Head teachers and Senior Leaders who are new to post or schools who have particular areas they wish to develop.

Michael is particularly skilled at coaching Head teachers on a 1:1 basis. He is currently coaching 3 Head teachers from across London and 3 DHTs as part of the Getting Ahead London Project.

Michael is also able to carry our Pupil Premium Reviews and conduct bespoke reviews of schools such as learning and teaching audits.

John Ball is able and willing to discuss longer term packages of support for schools from the part time delegation of school leaders to work with other school leaders on particular areas of focus, right through to longer term partnerships.

The rest of our leadership team are able to support on the areas outlined below:

  • Distributed Leadership– this is an area accr​​​edited by Challenge Partners as an Area of Excellence
  • ​School Business Management– our SBM is highly skilled and able to support schools with admin and business systems as well as coach and mentor SBMs new to post on a 1:1 basis. We are one of only 3 schools in Lewisham with a Substantial rating and no recommendations at audit in the past 4 years.​​ 
  • Early Years provision including Forest School Provision– this is an area accredited by Challenge Partners as an Area of Excellence. 
  • Science– we hold the Science Mark at Gold Level.
  • Inclusion– we hold the Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence and this is an area accredited by Challenge Partners as an Area of Excellence.
  • Maths and English quality first teaching– some of our staff are trainers and moderators for the LA.
  • PiXL - we are a regional hub school for PiXL and can share with you our journey and how the interventions are making an impact.
  • Rights Respecting School– we hold Level 1 and are currently working towards level 2. 
  • Performing Arts– we have a long, embedded history of the performing arts as a central part of our school’s curriculum.

If you would like to discuss any of the above with us, please get in touch with Acting Headteacher, Jacqui Noakes on