PE and Sport grant

Purpose of the grant

In 2014 the government announced that it was providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles. To find out more about the grant you can read more on the DfE website here:


PE Premium Strategy 2017-2018

An evaluation of the 2016-2017 PE Premium Strategy

Overall approaches to effective practice

  • John Ball employs a specialist PE coach to deliver high quality school curriculum PE

All children have received high quality, specialist provision in line with the School Games Calendar

  • A qualified teacher also delivers PE

 Creating sustainable provision

  • Funding is supporting the professional development opportunities for teachers.

Free CPD opportunities have been provided through our membership with Lewisham School Sports Partnership.

  • The PE leader has planned PE Provision in line with the School Games competition calendar.

This has provided the children with the skills to enable them to be entered into local tournaments

Emphasis on inter-school/ intra-school competition

  • We have joined our local schools in an Association to support the School Games Programme.

This has enabled opportunities for children to attend sports festivals and competitions.

  • The Association provides Professional Development opportunities to improve the delivery of sport for both curricular and enrichment activities.

Both the Sports Coach and PE Leader have access free CPD through the association.

  • There is opportunity for intra-school competitions due to the consistency of the teaching through the specialist PE teachers.
  • The Specialist Sports Coach organises intra- competitions for KS1.
  • We hold an annual competitive and fully inclusive School Sports Day.

EYFS, KS1 and KS2 all ran inclusive ‘Sports Days’ with an element of both team games and competition.

  • We hold an annual ‘Schools and Community Fun Run’ event

2016 was the highest attended event in 4 years with over 600 participants from the John Ball Community.

Increasing girls’ participation

  • We have an established Girls’ Football club to try to increase the number of girls participating in school sports.

The Girls’ team has established itself in the school league, becoming one of the top teams in the borough.

  • Glee Club is an established Dance club open to both boys and girls.

Glee won the opportunity to perform at this year’s London Youth Games and again at the annual Lewisham Live festival.


  • As part of a completely inclusive school, we provide opportunities for all children to participate in school sports.
  • There are some after school / breakfast clubs which are subsidised for the children who may need interventions for health/ behaviour benefits.

Our Sports Coach lead a ‘Change 4 Life’ Club targeting specific children.

Nurturing talent

  • There are various opportunities for children with exceptional sporting talent including talent identification screening.
  • We take part in tournaments with specialist clubs, outside of our local cluster events.
  • Children identified as having exceptional talent will be selected to represent the school in local festivals and competitions, with the opportunity of progressing to Level 3 competition at the London Youth Games.
  • There is a ‘Performance Pathway’ at John Ball. Some of the enrichment clubs have routes through to level 1 and 2 competitions.

Wider role of School Sport

  • Pupils in years 5 & 6 are encouraged to become Play Leaders in the KS1 playground.
  • We have an extensive extracurricular sports enrichment programme.
  • On top of the statutory 2 hours of high quality school Sports Provision, Year 5s also receive weekly Swimming lessons.

We have identified children who did not achieve the NC requirements for Swimming and will offer a ‘catch up’ course for them next academic year.

Use of volunteers

  • Volunteers run cycling lessons for the children which progresses to the Bikeability, ‘Cycling Proficiency’, programme in year 5.
  • Our volunteers begin helping in the EYFS, lending their expertise for the Forest School programme. We have residential trips for KS2 where parent volunteers accompany the children.
  • We utilise volunteers to enabling the annual Heath for Health event.

Outdoor Learning Experiences

  • The EYFS run Forest School which ‘encourages and inspires individuals through positive outdoor experiences’.
  • In Year 3, the children have the opportunity to have a ‘sleepover’ at the school. Making use of the outdoor facilities including out Forest School site.
  • In Year 4, the children have an introduction to residential trips by attending an Outdoor Adventurous Learning Camping Centre.
  • In Year 5, the children build on the basic skills learned the previous year by spending 3 days on a residential trip.
  • By Year 6, the children should be competent enough to work much more independently, putting the skills they have learned into practice.

Healthy Schools Agenda

Cross-curricular Links

  • Through the Curriculum Topic Work, teachers plan sessions which explicitly link to our Healthy School Agenda.
  • There are opportunities through the London Youth Games Cultural Festival initiative including; designing Logos to represent the core values of the school games and writing pledges.
  • The John Ball ‘Glee Club’ have been to the ‘Perform’ section at the London Youth Games.

This is the third time that the Year 6 Glee Clubs have won the opportunity to perform at the LYG.

Interaction with the local private sector

  • We have engaged with businesses with a commitment to support schools in their local community.

Hamptons have committed to provide all the sponsoring for our next annual Heath for Health event. This will be the 4th time they have provided all funding.

Effective use of audits of practice

  • Measure the number of children taking part in extracurricular sporting opportunities.
  • Keep records of the children who have participated in inter school competition
  • Ensure opportunities are available to children who have not participated in the past.

We have identified children who have not and would not typically represent the school in sporting competitions and will provide them with opportunities in the 2017/18 academic year.

This is a working document and may be subject to additions and revisions.

Any further information contact PE Leader Anna Townsend