Friends of John Ball

The Friends of John Ball is the organisation for parents and carers to raise money for the benefit of the school children.

The Friends committee meet regularly to discuss upcoming events, distribution of funds and possible fundraising activities for the future.  Our next meeting is in the Friends Room (above the Early Years building) on Thursday 15th December at 9am.

The committee elects a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary each year.

New (and familiar) faces are always welcome at meetings and to help organise and run events. If you would like to get involved in any aspect of the Friends activities or you would like to be a class rep it would be fantastic to hear from you.We aim to ensure that there is a Friends’ representative from each class.  Their role is try and ensure that parents in each class receive information from the Friends and some also organise class get-togethers. If you would like to get in touch with your class rep and/or ensure that you are on their contact list, please use the contact details below.

Contact details

To contact the Friends, email .

What do the Friends do and why should I get involved?

Each year, the Friends organise fundraising events including the Christmas and Summer Fairs, cake sales, and a variety of other events which have recently included an international food night, Halloween disco and Caribbean carnival.

  • In the last academic year, thanks to the school community’s support of these popular events, the Friends were able to contribute £18,000 towards school projects and activities. This included: Give every class 300 a year to support subsiding school trips and added extras such as visiting workshops, theatre events etc. This totals £5000 a year i.e. £10 per child!
  • The improved IT network across the school including wifi of the whole site, laptop trolley, additional PCs in all classrooms and the learning zone
  • Improvements to the KS1 playground
  • Improvements to the EYFS grounds
  • Paying for whole  school theatre workshops
  • Supporting events such as the KS1 production, buying gifts for our Year 6 leavers
  • And this year a new set of playground equipment for the top of the KS2 playground

For details on our past and current events please see our Facebook (link) or Twitter (link) pages.  Remember to ‘like’ us to keep up to date with everything Friends related!

Friends Job Descriptions 2016

Who decides how the money raised is spent?

Until recently, teachers and parents approached the Friends with funding requests on an ad hoc basis, as and when additional funds were needed. The Friends have now developed a new system to make the process of distributing funds more straightforward: teachers are now allocated a set amount from the fund. This year and last this was £10 per child, with at least £5 to be put towards the cost of a class trip and the remainder to be made available for other enrichment activities, for example theatre trips and author visits. Teachers have the flexibility to tailor their funding allocation to the needs of their class or use it for wider, whole school activities. Teachers have used this money for a variety of activities, including trips to the Horniman and Science Museum and a class outing to the theatre. The Headteacher can make further requests to the Friends for individual projects that would benefit from our support. We also support the school to submit applications for other sources of funding.

We look forward to meeting you!!

The Friends