Hamptons boards and the John Ball School Advent Trail – win John Lewis and Ottie and the Bea vouchers..!!

Each year Hamptons in Blackheath village kindly sponsor boards which are put up outside some of our parents/carers/teachers front gardens and advertise the date of the John Ball School Fair – in return the Friends receive money for each board which is displayed during the Christmas period.

This year we have agreed with Hamptons to do something a bit more fun using the Hamptons boards!  They have agreed that they will not only give money for each board displayed but have also kindly donated competition prizes – one for £50 to spend at John Lewis and one for £40 for Ottie & The Bea.  Read on to find out how you can win:

  • Best Dressed Hampton’s Board – 24 parents/carers at John Ball have kindly agreed to have a board outside their house and to decorate it Christmassy!.  Each board is numbered 1 to 24 and each day of December The Friends will tweet/post on Facebook the pictures on our  Twitter/Facebook page. The board that receives the most ‘likes/retweets’ etc by 24th December will win a £50 John Lewis prize!!
  • The ‘John Ball School Advent Trail’ – The Christmassy boards form The John Ball Advent Trail!  Kids can pick up a Trail Form from the School Fair, the School Office or Hamptons in the village. They will need to match the board numbers to the street names and submit the form to Hamptons in the village by 12 noon on 23rd December.  The winner is the child that gets the most correct numbers (if more than one child gets all 24 then it will be drawn at random).  The winner will receive a £40 Ottie & The Bea voucher!

Download Advent Trail Form Here (PDF)