Design Technology

This page was updated: September 2022
Next update due: September 2023
Subject Lead: Kitty Crafter

At John Ball, Design Technology combines both theory and practical work, encouraging the children to use the skills and knowledge they have learnt to create and evaluate products, with the consideration of others’ needs, wants and values.  Their skills envelope Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to show progress in different areas of the subject, including textiles, food technology and construction. We use theory, observation, creativity and process to work through a design brief and criteria, with a final outcome.

Design Technology allows the children to be innovative, creative and free to express their opinions on existing products by making thoughtful and in depth evaluations and using this to create and enhance their own visions and ideas. We strive to encourage staff and children alike to be more confident and enthusiastic about design technology.  Children are taught DT from a specialist teacher once a week; although it can be seen in many curriculum areas across our school.