Our Curriculum

Vision for Learning at John Ball School

Know more, do more, remember more.

We believe that the purpose of a school curriculum is to develop a body of knowledge and a toolkit of skills that they are able to build on, over time.  This is with a view that when children leave the school they know more and can do more than when they started; and are able to recall this from their memory to build future learning on.  

In order to achieve this, we know that we need to provide rich and meaningful experiences which elicit an emotional connection between the learner and the learning.  It is vital that our children learn the core skills required to access all of our curriculum which goes beyond the statutory National Curriculum.  

Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole child.  As pupils learn more and do more; they develop more as a person, becoming a curious and active citizen, contributing positively to the society in which they learn and live.  

When pupils are not developmentally ready for learning, we prioritise their personal, social and emotional development in order to support their skill acquisition as a learner.  For these children, learning will predominantly be focussed around their personal areas of interest, carefully crafted to keep a focus on the precise next steps required to develop their core skills.   
Our SEND policy outlines how our curriculum is made accessible for this with disabilities of special educational needs.  

You might find it helpful to read our teaching and learning policy on the ‘school policy‘ page.  

2022/2023 Curriculum Maps
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