Music Education

This page was updated: September 2022
Next update due: September 2023
Subject Lead: Luke Carter

All classes in KS1 and 2 receive a weekly music lesson from a music specialist teacher. The lessons are wide-ranging, teaching the key elements of music (rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch, structure, timbre and texture) through a breadth of study that includes performance, composition and appraisal of a variety of styles from across the world and throughout time. Every pupil in the school performs at some form of concert / production at Christmas, Years 3-5 put on a learning showcase relating to their foundation topic in the spring term, and Year 6 put on a full musical production in the summer.

As well as the music specialist teacher, we have a team of peripatetic music teachers who visit the school each week. These lessons are paid for by parents or subsidised by the school via Pupil Premium funding. We have peripatetic music teachers teaching guitar, cello, singing, piano, violin, drum kit and steel pans. Additionally, we offer drama lessons from LAMDA.

At John Ball Primary School, we are passionate about having as many opportunities as possible for children to experience and develop their performing arts skills. John Ball Primary School believes that the arts should be central to a well-rounded education. We provide a range of integrated experiences, carefully planned to fit in with topics, which give a dynamic focus for the pupils’ learning. We integrate the arts into the teaching of other subjects and find that this not only enhances pupils’ enjoyment but leads to better outcomes for all.

We have seen how arts activities help develop the capacity to formulate and communicate ideas and emotions; they enhance perceptual skills through responding, synthesising and evaluating, and physical skills through the control and use of movement.  Involvement in the arts helps to foster a positive attitude among our students by developing a wide range of qualities such as cooperation, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, tenacity and ambition.

Throughout the school calendar, pupils are given the opportunity to perform in a variety of contexts for different purposes: from harvest celebrations, to the KS1 nativity and the KS2 end of year production. Our school hall is fabulously equipped with a full lighting rig and a sound desk. We also take pride in showcasing our concerts in the community, and often participate in events in and around London, including:

  • Young Voices
  • Music For Youth
  • Blackheath Halls Christmas Concert and Opera
  • School Choir of the Year
  • Lewisham Live
  • Rock Band Party
  • Collaborative Choir
  • Turning Of The Year​

As part of Lewisham Education Arts Network, John Ball Primary School works in close alliance with other schools in the area, as well as local artists and galleries. This enables us to offer children a range of experiences and opportunities, and they can learn a variety of musical instruments from our peripatetic teachers. The performing arts and related subjects act as a catalyst for cultural development and allow different cultures to meet and recognise one another’s worth and diversity.

The arts have the power to inspire, inform, stimulate, challenge and entertain.  We believe that it is important to open up the world of theatre to the children and we take them to see a high-quality production regularly such as London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Unicorn Theatre and Trinity Laban.

For any queries about Music or the Performing Arts at John Ball School, please contact Mr Carter via the school office.