Physical Education


This page was updated: September 2022
Next update due: September 2023
Subject Lead: Martin Smith

Our aim at John Ball is to develop a subject that promotes enjoyable participation in physical activity; to
allow children to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to compete and take part in sport.
Our vision is that children at John Ball will know the value PE has for leading a healthy lifestyle and the
benefits it can have socially, mentally and physically.

At John Ball, we believe a high quality PE curriculum should be an integral part of the whole school  curriculum and one that staff, pupils and parents understand and can contribute to. Through PE & Sport,  our children learn to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, team work, and ambition, leading to improved concentration, attitude, and academic performance. It is also a perfect framework to teach the John Ball PRIDE values of personal excellence, resilience, independence, determination and equality.
We believe that a high quality PE curriculum will develop physical literacy and will allow pupils to learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. It also contributes to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis; and social skills such as teamwork and communication.  As part of the PE curriculum, children have swimming lessons in Year 5. Pupils and staff are transported by bus to a local pool and are taught by qualified instructors. There is no charge for these lessons. Swimming is part of our curriculum and we expect all children to take part each week that the lessons are on unless they are ill and away from school.  We aim for all Year 6 pupils to be able to swim 25m by the time they leave John Ball.

For a full break down of the PE curriculum and how we spend our PE Premium money please see the PE Premium section of the website.