In Year Admissions 

All admissions are dealt with through the London Borough of Lewisham from Reception to year 6 so you would need to follow the link below to apply online.

You will need to provide: 

  1. Section 9 – Ensure that your child’s current headteacher has completed signed and stamped the information required in section 9. If this section is not completed, your application will not be considered as complete. (This does not apply if your child is new to the UK or has been previously educated abroad)
  1. Proof of address – please provide a copy of one of the following documents as proof of your child’s address:

* your current council tax bill

* your tenancy agreement

* your proof of house purchase (if within the last 6 months) 

* If you are living with a family member – you will need to provide a copy of their Council Tax bill, along with a letter stating that you and your child are living with them at the address on the CT bill

* doctors registration letters for both parent and child at the address on the  Council Tax bill

* a bank statement addressed to the parent at the address on the application on Council Tax bill

  1. Proof of parental responsibility – please provide a copy of one of the following documents addressed to you and including your child’s details:

* child tax credit letter

* child benefit letter

Parental Responsibility Protocol – Lewisham Admissions 2020

In the absence of these, a copy of the child’s birth certificate which includes the parents’ names is also acceptable. 

Providing your application is complete and includes the relevant proofs a letter will be sent via email within 10 school days of the date we received your application to let you know the outcome.

Please also see link below for further information you may need.