Welcome to the Governors section of the John Ball School Website. This is the place you’ll find useful documents about national and local education policy as it relates to our meetings and the decisions we take. You can also find out a bit more about who we are and what we do by following the various links.

The John Ball Governors work together as an executive board to support the school. The governors provide a range of skills and professional experience which are deployed to address the needs of the school in both the short and longer term.

We will endeavour to communicate effectively with parents, and to improve information sharing between us and with others in the school community. We are committed to publishing our meeting minutes, and discussion papers where these are appropriate for sharing.

Please feel free to take a look around, and if you want to talk to any of us about what you’ve read, do feel free to email me at or to speak to any of my team as you meet them around the school.

Louise Atkins

Chair of Governors


Governor parent election – please see letter below with details about our candidates who are running

Governor candidates running for Election March 2021

Voting takes place on Wednesday 10th March 9.00am until Wednesday 17th March at 4.00pm

Click here to access the Google form to vote

Parent Governor Election – March 2021

What does the Governing Body do and who are the Governors?

Our governing body is established to oversee the running, management and leadership of our school.             

Our governing body includes:

  • governors appointed by Lewisham Council
  • the Headteacher
  • teacher/support staff governors
  • community or co-opted governors
  • parent governors

Parent governors are elected by the parents of our school and normally serve for four years. Staff governors are elected by staff and normally serve for four years. Co-opted governors are invited onto the governing body, by the governing body, to add areas of expertise and to represent the local community.

The governing body is responsible for many important decisions in the running of the school. These include:

  • appointing the Senior Leadership Team and the teaching staff
  • agreeing the aims of the school curriculum and ensuring the national curriculum is implemented
  • determining how the school’s budget is to be used each year
  • deciding how sex education and religious education should be taught in the school
  • producing the school prospectus
  • deciding what charges should be made for activities outside normal school hours
  • dealing with official complaints and exclusions

A full list of governors can be found here: Governors 2021

You can contact the governing body by writing to the chair of governors via the school office.  Our governors are pleased to hear about thoughts, ideas and issues that staff and parents would like discussed by the governing body.  Individual governors can be contacted via the school office.

Full governing body meetings are held once a term in the evening. The agenda for the meeting includes items from the Local Authority, directives and initiatives from the Government and school-based concerns.

Register of Interests 2020/2021

Name Name of Business or Organisation  Nature of Business Nature of InterestIncluding:

  • governor elsewhere (please include school or educational institutions name)
  • relationships with school staff including spouses, partners and close relatives
  • employed at school
Date Declaration Made
Vanessa Amuah   Law None     (Parent of JB pupil)  15/10/2020
Louise Atkins University of Greenwich Education None     (Parent of JB pupil) 10/11/2020
Rachel Austin Deloitte LLP Professional Services Trustee  Friends of John Ball(Parent of JB pupil) 8/10/2019
Ian Blight CH2M-Hill Other Engineering Activities Stockholder CH2M-Hill 07/10/2020
Steven Cummins London School of Hygiene Health Care None     (Parent of JB pupil) 08/10/2020
Angela East N/A N/A None 26/11/2020
Matthew Fields Metropolitan Police Service Police None     (Parent of JB pupil) 12/11/2020
Nina Hodges N/A N/A None     (Parent of JB pupil) 13/10/2020
Julie Joyce Lewisham Borough Council Education Employed at John Ball 26/08/2020
Sandrine Marionvalle Jaines Avanti Technology Financial Consultancy None     (Parent of JB pupil) 20/09/2020
Trista McConville N/A N/A None     (Parent of JB pupil) 07/10/2020
Stephen Mitchell Lewisham Borough Council Education Employed at John Ball 16/10/2020
Jacqui Noakes Lewisham Borough Council Education Employed at John Ball 07/10/2020
James Powles Lewisham Borough Council Education Employed at John Ball 19/10/2020
David Roderick Self Employed Barrister Legal None     (Parent of JB pupil) 08/10/2020
Emma Smillie N/A N/a None     (Parent of JB pupil) 07/10/2020
Maria Valkova Lewisham Borough Council Admin Employed at John Ball 21/09/2020


  8/10/19 6/02/20 14/5/20 16/7/20
Ms Vanessa Amuah P P P A
Ms Rachel Austin P P P P
Mr Ian Blight A P P P
Mr Steve Cummins A P P P
Ms Angela East P P P P
Mr Matthew Fields A P A P
Ms Sandrine Marionvalle-Jaines P P P P
Mr David Roderick P P P P
Ms Maria Valkova P P P P
Ms Linda Yue P P P A
Ms Nina Hodges A P P P
Mrs Jacqui Noakes P P P P
Ms Trista McConville P P P A
Ms Emma Smilie P P P P
Ms Louise Atkins P P P P

Key: P= present        A= apologies received


Co-ordinating and Finance

  Meetings attended:
Ms L Atkins (Chair) 4 out of 4
Ms L Yue 3 out of 4
Ms R Austin 4 out of 4
Ms J Noakes 4 out of 4
Mr S Cummins 3 out of 4
Ms E Smillie 2 out of 4

Curriculum and Standards

  Meetings attended:
Ms L Atkins 4 out of 4
Ms A East 4 out of 4
Ms R Austin 4 out of 4
Ms J Noakes 4 out of 4
Mr S Cummins (Chair) 3 out of 4
Ms S Marionvalle-Jaines 4 out of 4


  Meetings attended:
Ms L Atkins 4 out of 4
Ms A East 4 out of 4
Ms L Yue (Chair) 4 out of 4
Ms J Noakes 4 out of 4
Ms T McConville 4 out of 4
Ms N Hodges 4 out of 4

If you have any questions about items covered in the minutes, please contact the Chair of Governors, Louise Atkins The minutes of our meetings will be available here as soon as they are finalised.

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For starting school September 2021 

You are automatically on the waiting list of any school of higher preference choice to the one you are offered.  

Waiting list for Lewisham Community Schools will not be available until after 31st May 2021. Parents are asked not to ring before this date.

However, if you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions officer via 02088521601 or


  • Parents wishing to lodge appeals should do so by Friday 14th May 2021.
  • For community schools in Lewisham parents should contact Jasmine Kassim, on Tel: 0208 314 8577
  • Appeals lodged after Friday 14th May 2021 will not be heard until September 2021.

More information on the process and for Appeals can be found here:-