Updated February 2021

Governing Body Structure 

Reconstituted 11.2.21
Governor Places 9
Headteacher 1
Staff 1
Appointed by the London Borough of Lewisham 1
Elected Parents of pupils attending the school 2
Co-Opted 3
Chair of Governors Louise Atkins
Personnel, Coordinating and Finance   To be confirmed
Standards and Curriculum To be confirmed

Pupil Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Appeal Committee / Staff Grievance / Complaints Committee

These committees meet as and when required, with a minimum of three eligible governors to be drawn from a pool of all members of the Governing Body in alphabetical rotation, subject to availability and lack of conflicts of interest and having regard to the need for the Committee to be balanced in terms of gender and race as far as possible.

Governors’ details (for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months)



Ms Vanessa Amuah Co-opted Parents 13/2/19


4 13/2/23 16/12/20    
Ms Louise Atkins Co-opted GB 16/7/19 4 15/7/23   Personnel, C & F, C & S Chair Governing Body
Ms Rachel Austin Parent Parents 13/2/19


4 13/2/23   C & F Committee, S & C Committee


Mr Ian Blight Co opted GB 28/4/19


4 28/4/23 8/2/21    
Mr Steve Cummins Parent Parents 26/5/16 4 31/12/20

(Term extended due to Covid-19) to 31.8.21

  C & F Committee,

S & C Committee


Ms Angela East Co opted GB 14/7/19


4 13/7/23 23/12/20 Personnel Committee,

S & C Committee

Vice Chair of the Governing Body
Mr Matthew Fields Co opted GB 28/4/19


4 27/4/23 31/12/20   Safeguarding link governor


Also responsible for H & S governance

Ms Charmaine Henry Local Authority Local Authority 11/2/2021 4 11/2/25      
Ms Nina Hodges Parent Parents 20/2/18 4 19/10/22      
Ms Sandrine Marionvalle-Jaines Co-opted GB 16/1/18


4 16/1/22   S & C Committee





LAC Link

SEN Link

Ms Trista McConville Parent Parents 7/5/19 4 6/5/23 15/10/2020 Personnel  
Mrs Jacqui Noakes Headteacher N/A N/A N/A N/A      
Mr David Roderick Parent Parents 27/11/2020 4 26/11/24      
Ms Emma Smillie Parent Parents 7/5/19 4 6/5/23   C & F Safeguarding link governor
Ms Maria Valkova Staff Staff 5/2/2018 4 4/2/22      
Ms Linda Yue Co opted GB 28/4/19


4 28/4/23 31/07/2020 C & F Committee

Personnel Committee


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For starting school September 2021 

You are automatically on the waiting list of any school of higher preference choice to the one you are offered.  

Waiting list for Lewisham Community Schools will not be available until after 31st May 2021. Parents are asked not to ring before this date.

However, if you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions officer via 02088521601 or admissions@johnball.lewisham.sch.uk


  • Parents wishing to lodge appeals should do so by Friday 14th May 2021.
  • For community schools in Lewisham parents should contact Jasmine Kassim, on Tel: 0208 314 8577
  • Appeals lodged after Friday 14th May 2021 will not be heard until September 2021.

More information on the process and for Appeals can be found here:-