School Uniform

At John Ball we do not have an enforced / compulsory school uniform policy. We prefer to allow children and parents / carers a choice in what they wear to school. We simply expect our children to be dressed sensibly for a busy day at school, taking into account the activities timetabled for their class and the weather. We do have a uniform should parents, carers and pupils wish to choose this option.

We don’t subscribe to the idea that children need a uniform to instill respect and discipline. Children at John Ball certainly have both and this is constantly seen by ourselves and by visitors, including Ofsted. We are also aware that children can become competitive about their clothes and that it can become a basis of unpleasant behaviour, but at John Ball these are not issues that we see or that parents raise with us.

We do set a few limits on what they can wear. We do not allow jewellery (other than small stud earrings for pierced ears), off the shoulder tops or football shirts/kits). We do ask that all clothing and belongings are labelled with your child’s name.

Uniform practicalities

It is most important that all your child’s clothes are named in some way in an easily accessible place. Please send your child to school in comfortable, easy to wash clothes and not their best ones! For young children, it is very important that they wear clothes they can easily manage, especially when visiting the toilet or getting changed for PE.

Please also be mindful of the changeability of English weather, ensuring that your child has a warm coat in the winter and is protected from the hot sun in the summer. (Strappy tops and bare midriffs are not considered to be appropriate in school.)

The wrong kind of shoes can be dangerous and may spoil enjoyment at playtime. Please, no heels, platform soles, backless shoes or knee high boots in school. Children should not wear lace-ups unless they can tie them themselves. (Slip-on, buckles and Velcro fastening are much easier, especially for nursery and reception children.)

Voluntary School Uniform/Book Bags/Gym Bags

School sweatshirts, polo shirts, tee shirts, book bags and gym bags are available for purchase should parents so wish. It is strongly recommended that each child has his/her own book bag as it is the ideal place to store their home reading book and PACT book, together with letters which are regularly sent home. All of these can be purchased from the school office during term time as we have stock here or from  Just type in John Ball and then click on the logo to see what is available.

Jewellery and Nail Varnish

For the children’s safety, no jewellery is to be worn to school (stud earrings are the only exception to this rule). Children are not allowed to wear nail varnish in school.

P.E. Kit

Your child will need their P.E. kit every week. Please can you make sure it is brought into school every Monday in a P.E. bag. It is essential that all children have the correct P.E. shoes in school as, without them, they are not allowed to participate in the outdoor lesson. Gym and dance are done in the hall in bare feet.